Not just another London
based multi-disciplinary creative agency

We're neither graphic designers nor advertisers. We are, to put it simply, creative communicators and we will use whatever media to get your message out there effectively.


We don't complicate things because over-intellectualising often obscures mediocre solutions and leads to unnecessary expense, we also like to keep things simple. But we do ask a lot of questions to help us really understand our clients.

We don't do formulaic thinking because we like to keep the creative spark alive and we like to look at a client's business with fresh eyes. But the different approaches we use will always reveal the key issues.


We don't fall for the next big thing because fashions fade and we want to deliver long-term solutions. But we do innovate, we are creative and robust thinkers and we work with expert partners when we need someone who is into the next big thing.

We don't try to sell you a battleship when a rowing boat will do because we've done a lot of work in the third sector and we respect the reality of limited resources. But we work really hard to get the best out of even the most limited budget.


We don't have one style because we're more interested in you than in us, and we believe that form should always follow function. But our passion and a professional pride in our craft ensures the same high standards.

We don't shy away from challenging our clients for an easy life because healthy debate is the key to successful, long-term partnerships and effective outcomes. But we're pragmatic once we fully understand the constraints and whatever we do we do with integrity.


So, if you have something complex, sensitive, inspiring or important to say to an audience who are rushed, pre-occupied, un-convinced or un-interested then FeltonWorks will find the best way to get the message across - whether online, off-line or through the line.

A creative hub

The place where we work, in London’s Bleeding Heart Yard, contains 4,000sq ft of creative talent. Fresh, inspired, clever talent - designers, web and app builders, digital and print gurus, photographers and more.  All under one roof – not a cyber-connected, virtual mash-up.

We put together teams that get results for our clients rather than the agencies. So instead of paying the overheads for people you don’t need, you pay for exactly the talent you use.

My job in this hub is to ask you the difficult questions. To probe and harass until we’re agreed what’s needed to get the results you want – whether for a brand refresh, a piece of print, a website or a fully integrated campaign.

After 25 years running an award winning design and branding agency I know what it takes to get the most out of creative talent and suppliers – and get the best possible value for your budget – whether for a start-up, a corporate, a charity or a local authority.

I don’t specialise in a particular media, I strive to do the right thing. I’m not swayed by the latest fad, unless there’s a good reason, and I know when it’s time for print to give way to digital – and vice versa. Our numerous effectiveness awards show that our work works.  

Roger Felton. Creative Thinker and Make-it-Happener

Award winning

7 x DBA International Design Effectiveness Awards
1 x Third Sector Excellence Awards
9 x British Medical Association Communication Awards
1 x CIPFA/ Price Waterhouse Coopers Public Reporting Awards
4 x PAMADA Property Marketing Awards
2 x UK Housing Awards
3 x CIB Communications Strategy Awards
2 x Marketing Brand Design Awards
1 x London International Advertising Awards