People say that design for print is dying out. We’d beg to differ. It could be that a perfectly crafted piece of print is the one thing that’s heard above all the digital noise...

We’ve designed and printed well over 10,000 different brochures, reports, leaflets and other pieces of print and used every technique in the book - and some that aren't.

"Dear lovely creative people at Feltons, just wanted to say WOW! and thankyou for the incredible work you sent over on Friday.I can't tell you how excited we got seeing the ideas put into reality. I know thats your job, and maybe what you made for us is a standard amount for you to do in less than 48 hours?! Even so, I am amazingly impressed at the thought and detail you put into... well, all of it! Whats really inspiring is the way you've taken the essence of our conversation (even when what we were trying to describe was a feeling/emotion rather than a physical object!!) and taken it even further than we had imagined."

Jessica Pamphlett
v20 Team, vinspired (re vCashpoint campaign)